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27 May, 2020
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Be aware, pay attention to the products you use and make small changes to start reducing the amount of toxic substances you use in your home.

We all like a clean home, but what is a clean home? For Nimout a clean home is a toxic free home.

Our bodies are amazing and they are designed to detox and eliminate all those substances they don’t need. However when our toxic substances intake is higher than our body’s elimination pace, discomfort shows up. Before we start, let’s clarify the concept “toxic”: A toxic substance is one that is capable of altering our biologic system’s balance.

This substance is more or less harmful to a person according to the quantity, the time of exposure and the tolerance of the person exposed.

It is common nowadays that we get to encounter certain illnesses, allergies and discomforts more often than we used to, some people classify this into a trend,  but I personally associate it to the changes we have experienced in our surroundings.

The society where we live now is evolving so fast that we haven’t had time to analyse what’s happening, we are constantly exposed to a wide range of new products and we aren’t sure yet on how our bodies are responding to them. It is difficult to identify the cause of our new discomforts because there are always multiple factors involved in an affection, but there seems to be a relationship between our toxic load and our health.


How does a clean home smell like?

Commercials have made us believe that there are such a thing as the smell of clean. Is your house cleaner if it smells like vanilla, roses or pine? Is a public bathroom cleaner when the detergent smell kicks you as you get in? The answer to all these questions is NO.

Cleaning products and air fresheners are the main air pollutants in our homes, Products such as bleach, ammonia or hydrochloric acid can lead to irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, causing respiratory issues, stinging, tearing, burns or headaches.

In air fresheners we can encounter toxic substances polluting our indoor air, even though the dose of these toxic substances is low, a long exposure to them induces an accumulative effect in our bodies leading to irritation of eyes, nose or through; headache, stress, anxiousness, fatigue, dizziness or nausea.

What occurs when the toxic load accumulates in our bodies is very similar to what happens if we keep pouring water in a glass, it will spill. This spill in our body translates into discomforts and symptoms.

These substances accumulate specially in the fatty tissue but also in the blood, liver, brain, bones or semen, and our bodies can take decades until they efficiently eliminate them, causing allergies, respiratory diseases, multiple chemical hypersensibility and  fibromyalgia  among others, not to mention all those who live in a daily discomfort, whose issues can’t be tagged under any illness but have definitely loosen their health and well-being.

So, What can I do to get a toxic free home?

Be aware, pay attention to the products you use and make small changes to start reducing the amount of toxic substances you use in your home. Do it from a positive mindset, remember our bodies have the capability to adapt and eliminate what doesn’t serve them, we just have to reduce our toxic exposure to help our them detox and function in their best. I’ll give you some advises so you can do it in a way that it is easy for you.

Good news is that to clean our homes we don’t need complicated formulas, ingredients as simple as vinegar and baking soda are miracle cleaners. But, as we said, clean doesn’t have to smell, and we all know vinegar isn’t the most delightful fragrance. Every time there are more brands creating toxic-free products formulated with natural ingredients designed to efficiently clean while using a very mild but pleasant smell.

Here are some tips to help you in this process:

  • Be aware that cleaning doesn’t have to smell.
  • If you like using fragrances look for natural and toxic-free ones.
  • The word natural doesn’t necessarily mean toxic-free and coming from nature, always check the ingredients.
  • Air your home on a daily basis to renew and clean your indoor air.
  • Try to avoid cleaning and disinfecting with chemical based products, there is always an alternative, you can buy them or even do them yourself!
  • Don’t overclean, we need bacteria to live, a completely disinfected environment weakens our immune system.
  • Avoid industrial air fragrances, you can substitute them by essential oils which won’t only bring a smell but other very beneficial properties. Be aware though, some oil mixtures contain toxics as well, look for pure natural oils.
  • Listen to your body. The smallest symptom is there to tell you that something isn’t right.

I know I can help you. Let’s talk in first free introductory call.



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