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Nimout is an online platform focused on understanding the relationship with your spatial surroundings and its effects on your health. Our health is being affected increasingly by the lack of knowledge related to how to properly interact with what surrounds us.

In Nimout you can finally improve your well-being and start your healing process with our different approaches designed to suit your needs. There isn’t just one way to improve your health at home, take a look at our services and choose the one that best fits you. 

Learn - Heal - Discover - Build

Your home
Your health
and now your knowledge

The best way to help you improve your health at home is by empowering you.

Learn with our video tutorials and apply the knowledge to understand and take your best decisions wherever you are.

Heal and harmonize

Sometimes your body -your ultimate home- needs some extra attention. From Nimout we keep repeating the importance of becoming aware.

Become aware not only of the space around you but also of yourself.

Improve your
health, look at
your home

We offer a complete consultation based on multiple disciplines (Feng Shui, Geobiology, Building Biology and Bazi), so we ensure a holistic view of the relationship between you and your home.

The answer you were looking for is under your roof, let us show it to you.

The path towards healing is a delicate knowledge process that sometimes requires
personalized therapy, where you can express yourself and discover your answers.
Nimout offers a service created just for you. Let's start?
  • Building Biology and Geo-biology

    We use these disciplines to study the facts that can put our health at risk inside our homes and locations where we spend long periods of time. Facts such as electromagnetic pollution, air quality, earth energies, toxic substances and radioactivity contribute to these exposures. In Nimout we teach you how to identify and reduce these exposures.


  • Feng Shui

    This classic Eastern technique allows us to harmonize a location so we can create harmony at home, at our workplace or even in an urban scaled environment. Feng Shui offers us the tools to discover favorable locations to enjoy good health and living.

  • Sacred Geometry

    Sacred Geometry is an amazing harmonization technique both for the person and the location. We can apply it into the design of a new construction, as a harmonization element or even to connect with a location and healing aspects related to it.

    In Nimout we mainly work with the Sacred Geometry coming from the oral tradition of the European Master Builders, whose main focus is the Earth Energies.


  • Bazi (Feng Shui)

    Bazi, also known as 4 Pillars of Destiny or Chinese Astrology, is a school of Feng Shui with a main focus on the person. In Nimout we always consider the complete system while harmonizing a location that includes its inhabitants. This is why we use Bazi to improve our Feng Shui studies.

  • ThetaHealing

    In Nimout we use this energy healing technique to heal the person in relation to the architectural space. We believe it is important to understand that in order to harmonize a location we first have to understand its context and inhabitants, by doing this the harmonization of the location will be time lasting.

Healthy architecture

Building or Renovating? With our Healthy Architecture Assessment we collaborate with Architects and Designers alike to ensure that the space and environment created promotes the health and well-being of its occupants.

In Nimout we inform and assess you in the design of
healthy spaces and architecture focussed on Health.

Whether you are an architect, interior designer, builder or a private customer, Nimout's door is open for those interested in building a healthy space.

  • Building Biology and Geo-biology

    Improve indoor living environments for health and well-being. Reduce allergies, anxiety and insomnia.

    Use healthy and toxic-free materials in construction, renovation, furniture and decoration.

    Reduce electromagnetic pollution.

    Design considering the Earth Energies. Choose the right location and harmonize a less favorable location.

  • Sacred Geometry applied to construction

    Harmonizing technique for both the person and the location.

    Use of specific geometries or dimensions in the construction to harmonize architecture.

    Use of certain patterns to "heal" an "unhealthy home" from a building biology point of view.

    Use of certain patterns to cure Feng Shui unfavorable locations.

  • Feng Shui consultation

    Choosing the appropriate location and best orientation.

    Construction Assessment to choose the right shape, direction, materials and distribution according to Feng Shui.

    Interior Design Assessment to choose the right furniture, colors, uses and directions of the different rooms or spaces.

    Tool to get to know the nature and apply conscious improvements to enhance the future of a place or even a person (Bazi).

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