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We have designed a different way to help you improve your health at home by teaching you how to do it.

We share our knowledge and tools because we want to empower you and ensure that no matter where you are you know how to maintain a healthy life at home.

In order to improve our health at home the key word is INTERACTION, we are constantly interacting with everything around us and not being aware of it increases the chances to suffer discomforts and health problems due to the negative effects some of these interactions might have on us.

In this tutorial we will focus on the interaction we have with Earth Energies. Earth Energies are natural energies coming from the Earth that often affect our health when we aren’t aware nor properly interact with them. 

By learning and applying the concepts taught in this tutorial you will be able to identify those Earth Energies capable of causing discomforts, such as the popular Geopathic Stress, while understanding how to properly interact with your home and take care of your Health.

You can start feeling better at home today!



What is included?

  • Unlimited access to video tutorials from the moment of purchase.
  • Unlimited access to downloadable files from the moment of purchase.
  • Direct access (with notification) to any future updates.
  • Access from computer or phone.


Frequently asked Questions


What are the Nimout Tutorials?

We have designed a different way to improve your health at home where you become empowered. We share our tools with you so that you won’t only improve your well-being at home but learn how to do it.

Are these tutorials right for me?

These tutorials are to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to improve their well-being at home and is curious to learn how.

Do I need any previous experience or knowledge?

No previous experience of any kind is needed.

Will I be able to combine it with work and family time?

Of course! We have structured these tutorials in different lessons with independent videos shorter than 20 minutes so that you can always fit them into your day. Moreover we have ensured to share all the information in a fast and direct way, we know you are busy.

Will I have to practice a lot?

The knowledge we share with you might be quite different from what you are used to. It is not about memorizing but learning how to feel and become aware. Learning how to use these tools properly will require practice, although the best way to learn is applying this new concepts into your daily life.

What materials do I need?

You don’t need to prepare any material beforehand, we will learn to use the pendulum and the L-rods, but you’ll be guided to build your own with materials you most likely have at home and will get recommendations as well to buy new ones if that is your choice.

Are the tutorials a better option than the consultation?

Not better, just different. The tutorials will give you tools to find answers on your own while the consultation will give you answers directly from an expert.

How can I access the content?

Once your payment is finalized you will automatically receive an email with a password to access your private area (icon by the shopping cart on the top right of this website). All your products get stored in your private area.

*If you have any further question contact us, we will be pleased to answer all your concerns.

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