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Healing Session

Healing is the process of recovering your balance and well-being. 

Nimout focuses the healing process on becoming aware of our surroundings and the impact they have on us. This impact is due to an interaction between two sides: our surroundings and us. Therefore, in order to improve this interaction both sides need to be balanced and harmonized.

With the Healing Sessions we focus on you so you can bring balance back to your energy body and start healing physically, mentally and spiritually. We are all different and all have different preferences or beliefs, so we will personalize our sessions and adapt them to your needs. Our goal is to help you, you are our priority and we will take all the time needed to get to know your needs, your interests and the best discipline or combination of disciplines. 

The disciplines we use for this purpose are: 

Energy Harmonization

An Energy Healing Technique that helps you balance your energy body by becoming aware of every part of it.


A very empowering and efficient Energy Healing Technique mixing meditation and psychotherapy that helps you heal by becoming aware of your limiting fears or beliefs and healing the very root of the problem.

Bazi or Chinese Astrology

A Feng Shui discipline that focuses on the person’s energy balance. Similarly to Western Astrology, all your information is based in your natal chart.

Sacred Geometry

We use a form of Sacred Geometry that has been used in all temples and sacred locations no matter the time or religion. We apply it in a therapeutic way in which by connecting to a series of simple patterns you engage in a self discovery and harmonization process.

We have a tendency to mix disciplines in order to get a Holistic view and create the process that we need in each situation. 


What is included in the price:

  • 1h Videoconference session using the techniques best suited for you.
  • A discount for your next sessions. 

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