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Nimout’s Home Consultation will give you a complete and holistic view of your home and how you interact with it. 

The space where you live: the air, the light, the electromagnetic radiation and even the energy resulting from the space itself, are constantly interacting with you. Not being aware of these interactions increases the chances to damage our health and well-being due to an overexposure to certain locations and elements that have a negative effect on us while developing activities that require from a different nature.

Nimout’s Home consultation is different because it integrates different disciplines that study your space from different points of view:  Feng Shui, Geobiology and Building Biology; Moreover, we complement the analysis of your home with a study of yourself using Bazi technique in order to acquire a complete vision of the relationship between your home and yourself. We put together all the information obtained from all these disciplines, get a holistic view of your living situation and assess you on how to harmonize it all.

As a result of the consultation you won’t need to do major changes or renovations at home, but you’ll receive a very complete report including the knowledge you need in order to improve the space around you and the way you interact with it. You’ll understand how you could improve the design of your home in order to harmonize each location and yourself.


Disciplines we work with:

Classic Feng Shui

With Feng Shui we analyze the distribution of subtle cosmic energies in your home to get an understanding of the present energy in each area of your home, so we can offer you different options you can apply to harmonize each one of your spaces. Feng Shui allows us to understand and take care of our home in a very special and loving way.


From Nimout we almost never apply Feng Shui without Geobiology, they are the perfect pair. Geobiology shows us the Earth Energies and those locations where the Frequencies of those disturb our personal balance which are commonly called Geopathic Stress. Our consultations are online and our Geobiology studies are done remotely by an expert using a technique called Tele-Radiesthesia.

Building Biology

Building Biology is a very complete discipline that allows us to identify the Health Hazards at our homes (electromagnetic pollution, air quality, toxic substances…). Since our consultations are online we use this technique to offer you a guideline of healthy habits and advises.

Bazi or Chinese Astrology

Bazi is a Feng Shui discipline that focuses on the person’s energy balance and gives us extra information about the relationship with your surroundings. You are a very important part of your home, therefore looking at you when understanding how to improve your health at home is key.


This consultation includes:

  • A complete printable report in PDF containing information and floor plans about the current state and the harmonisation proposal. Based on Feng shui, Geobiology, Building Biology and Bazi. 
  • 2 videoconferences with your accredited consultant, one at the beginning to get to know you, your home and your situation and one to present you the report.
  • E-mail communications with your consultant to exchange information during the duration of the program if needed.


What you need to provide:

  • Detailed floor plan drawn to scale or including measurements. Doesn’t need to be professionally drawn but it should include placement of doors and windows, placement of furniture and placement of technological, communication devices.
  • Picture and or videos of the home.
  • Orientation of location: Google maps or an exact Coordinates.
  • Year of construction. 
  • Birth dates of the inhabitants (Birth hour if possible)

*The more information you provide the more accurate your report will be.



Fees will vary depending on the size of your home and the number of occupants. Contact us to get your own personalized quote.


Their Healthy Home experience

“Really satisfied with the results! My girlfriend and I wanted to redesign our place, and asked Marta to do a thorough study of the place for us. She helped us see what the different areas of the house need for us to feel right and with the right energy. We were given several examples to achieve the results, such as different colours and designs of pillows, mirrors, and plants. After the last session, we were given a summary of all the aspects we talked about, which will be really useful for future. Thank you, Marta!”
Eduard D.

“With Nimout I discovered that my insomnia was due to some electromagnetic radiation I was receiving during the night time. The solution was so easy that it was difficult to believe, but it did work. I have been sleeping great since then, I haven’t woken up in the middle of the night anymore.”
Nuria P.

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