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Our Healthy Architecture Assessment offers technical assessment on new constructions or renovations of any architecture project that wants to ensure the health and wellbeing of its occupants.

The focus of our Assessments is the building itself. We work hand by hand with the architect, designer or builder, to ensure the project built finds a balance between design, functionality, structure and HEALTH. 


Who can hire us?

  • B2B – Architects, designers or builders who want to ensure the work offered to your clients promotes their health and well-being.
  • B2C – Clients who want to build or renovate their home/apartment/space/office and want to ensure the spatial surroundings will promote their health and well-being.


What do we offer?

We are specialized in a multitude of disciplines that allow us to have a holistic view of everything involving Health in an Architectural space. These disciplines are: 

  • Building Biology
  • Bio-construction and Eco-architecture
  • Geobiology 
  • Feng Shui
  • Sacred Geometry


What can you expect?

Every project and every client has different needs and interests, therefore every Assessment will be focused on those specific requirements. However, every client will receive a complete report including all the areas studied. Every report is structured in different phases according to the stage of design or construction, which allow us to define, together with the architect or designer the important aspects to consider on each stage, close it and move on with the assessment without having to modify or start again when something new arises.


What makes us unique?

There are several aspects that make Nimout unique and valued. 

  • The wide range of disciplines we are specialized in. 
  • What our Architect clients seem to value the most is our experience in the design and construction of architecture projects. Having experience in these areas allows us to understand each stage of the project, working together with it and structuring our assessment in a way that follows the rhythm of the architecture works, saving time and working efficiently.
  • Even if we work hand by hand with the Architect, Designer or Builder, our final client is the person who will live or make use of the space. This person gets special attention, has the final word with every decision and will receive a report, not only including all we have work with along the assessment with a very complete explanation of why and how, but written in a way that it is easy to understand and including all the necessary tips and advises on how to keep a healthy environment while living there.



Fees are quoted individually based on the requirements for each project assessment.
Contact us to receive your personalized quote.

What our clients think about the Assessment

“Marta designed my Holistic Healthcare Center using natural and toxic-free materials and carefully choosing the colors and lighting conditions to create a harmonic place. I’m delighted to work here, and the fact that my clients keep telling me how well they fell here is priceless.”
Silvia, Posturalment

“We renovated our home following Marta’s advises to only use natural and healthy materials. She also designed a proposal to modify the living space and we don’t only feel better at home, but we love how it looks! It feels wider and the lighting has improved.”
Carles M.

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