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9 March, 2020
Healing is the personal path bringing you to understand why do we get sick by learning how to encounter balance in our lives.

Marta D. Cardoner consultant in energy healing.

Founder and consultant for energy healing at Nimout. I am a specialist in architectural spaces focused in energy balance and healthy homes. Today, I would like to welcome you to my new project but first, in case you don’t know me yet, I will introduce myself.

Why did I get in into energy healing?

I am a curious person, no doubt on that. I studied Architecture and specialized in Bio-Construction and Eco-Architecture, having found that respecting the environment and integrating it into my design was my purpose in perusing my career. For some time, I saw myself splitting my professional life as an Architect and teaching Yoga, an interesting mix that awaken my consciousness and made me aware of how my energy structure was being affected by the spaces of where I was.

From that moment, I started paying attention to the effects that each space has on my physical and emotional state, and after realizing how some locations where turning some daily activities into real challenges, I initiated a different direction into my career. I started studying and training in everything that seemed to provide me with answers to my interest in the relationship between our health and the space we occupy. I discovered new disciplines, some of them I had never heard of before, and this is how my career started.

I have been trained, and kept learning on a daily basis in Architecture, Bio-Construction, Geo-Biology, Building Biology, Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui, Bazi, ThetaHealing®, Yoga and Energy Harmonization, among others. All of them offer me tools that allow me to consider the multiple factors involved in our health and well-being from an Architectural and Spatial point of view.


What is Nimout?

After a long way into development of these disciplines, today I launch this new project consisting of an online platform focused on raising awareness, informing, assessing and sharing knowledge in the influence that our surroundings and spaces have on our health.

The main goal of Nimout is to improve the well-being of people by becoming aware, learning and empowering ourselves. Nimout offers multiple tools and techniques to help you discover how your living space can be affecting your health, through online courses, hands-on workshops, personalized consultancy and custom made building assessments for healthy spatial living.

Experience has taught me that for harmonization to be real and time-lasting, there should be a personal work behind it. Nobody can heal for you, you are the only one who can improve your own well-being. Because of this, I choose to teach you, guide you and asses you.

What I can do for you

My purpose in Nimout, is for you to find your personal growth path leading you to understand how to improve your health and well-being by creating harmonic spaces and applying alternative natural therapies and techniques.

In this blog you will find news about our trainings, specialized information, advices and personal experiences, to learn how to live a healthier and more balanced life, and understanding the effects of your surrounding energies.

Follow all the news at Nimout’s social media networks as well. I’ll be very active!

Welcome to Nimout,

Your path towards healing and energy balance can start today.

Do not hesitate in contacting me for a free first appointment.

Do not hesitate in contacting me for a free first-appointment.

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