Design a mindful home

to improve your well-being

Nimout guides individuals into creating a mindful home in a way that the environment aligns with their life. Our goal is to raise consciousness about the importance of living in harmonic spaces. By sharing tools and knowledge we help individuals take care of their surroundings so they can improve their overall well-being.  

Years of experience have allowed us to offer a complete service integrating a variety of disciplines that grant us a holistic understanding of the home. This extensive knowledge offers us a great assortment of harmonization techniques. Allowing us to work mindfully adapt to every individual’s own needs and unique situation in an efficient and long-lasting way.


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Marta D. Cardoner
Founder & Consultant

As a very sensitive person myself, I am highly aware of the invisible interactions we maintain with our surroundings. These interactions aren’t necessarily negative, though a lack of awareness often leads us to choose the wrong locations and habits which leaves us feeling drained and unwell.

I founded Nimout to spread awareness about the importance of taking care of our surroundings, even when we can’t see what’s there. My goal is to help you look at your home from a different perspective, becoming aware of what’s around you and learning how to harmonize it so that your home becomes the space that takes care of you and your family.

  • Certifications and diplomas

    Classic Feng Shui – Great Master Raymond Lo, Hong Kong

    Solar Sacred Geometry – Mallorca & Lleida

    Healthy Home Course – Mariano Bueno, Spain

    Chinese Astrology – Bazi or 4 Pillars – Great Master Raymond Lo, Hong Kong

    Energy Healing Practitioner, ThetaHealing – The Third Eye Manila, Philippines

    Hatha Yoga Teacher Training  780h Happy Yoga Barcelona

  • Higher Education

    Master Degree in Architecture – La Salle URL, Barcelona

    Master Degree in Bio-construction and Eco-Architecture – UdG, Girona


  • You can also join me at

    RTVA  Radio Nacional d’Andorra 16.30h GMT+1 (every other Monday) – www.andorradifusió.ad

    Udemy – Courses to improve well-being at home

    Events & Workshops – announced in our Newsletter

You will benefit from Nimout if…

  • You are ready to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

  • You want to live in harmony with your surroundings

  • You are highly sensitive and want a home that allows you to relax and recover.

  • You suffer from Insomnia or wake up with the feeling of needing more sleep.

  • You suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic pain or common headaches.

  • You are overstimulated or have difficulties focusing.

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