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Healing is a personal process leading us to understand why we get sick. We can learn how to balance our lives by being aware of the influence that our surroundings have on ourselves.

Nimout is an online platform focused on improving your health at home by understanding the relationship between architectural spaces and you. To do so we choose to provide guidance by making you aware on how spatial surroundings interact with us. The path towards harmonization and healing requires getting to know ourselves and our surroundings well so we can recognize the factors that make us sick.

Nimout understands that for harmonization and healing to be real and long-lasting, there should be personal work behind it. Nobody can heal for you; you are the only one who can improve your own well-being. Because of this, Nimout helps you to empower yourself by assessing, guiding and teaching you wherever you are with our online services. We walk beside you in a different healing process designed to improve your health at home.


Hello, I'm Marta D. Cardoner

My drive is to help people improve their health and well-being by becoming aware of their surroundings and learning how to properly interact with them.

I grew up in Barcelona where I studied a Master Degree in Architecture and started my career. My development for a conscious architectural approach brought me to study a second Master Degree in Bio-Construction and to travel to Hong Kong to study Classical Feng Shui.

As my purpose in further understanding the effects our spatial surroundings have on an individuals’ health I learned a wide variety of disciplines such as Building Biology, Geobiology, Bazi, ThetaHealing, Sacred Geometry, Energy Harmonization and Yoga. I know my learning process isn’t yet finished, it might never be and somehow this idea brings me joy.

All the knowledge and experience I have acquired until now has changed my life, my understanding of the world and with no doubt my well-being in all levels. I am now happy to share it with all of you here in Nimout.

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