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23 June, 2021
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Very few have the privilege of living in a Healthy Space but you can now live in a Healthy Home, no matter where you live. We tell you how!

Living in a Healthy Home goes far beyond a Healthy Building

A Healthy Home starts with a Healthy building. However, this is only the very first step and definitely not the most important one. Truth is, today, very few have the privilege of living in a space that respects their health. Because, building, renovating or even choosing where you want to live isn’t accessible for all. I have good news though! You can live in a Healthy Home, no matter where you live.

A Healthy Home has 3 main ingredients:

  • Building a Healthy Home
  • Healthy Habits
  • Awareness and Action

In this recipe though, some ingredients are a lot more important than others. You don’t have a Healthy Home? No problem. Ensure though, that you have good habits, be very aware of the interaction with your surroundings and do not forget to take action. ¿What am I talking about? Let me explain to you.


Building a Healthy Home

The most noticeable ingredient is a healthy home, a space built with a very clear intention: Avoiding all those elements that can damage our health.

A healthy construction follows a very strict procedure in order to ensure that this space alone, has the capability to promote the wellbeing of its occupants. And what are the main characteristics of this construction?

    • Natural and toxic free materials 
    • Properly insulated space to reduce as much as possible the need to produce heat (heating systems) or cold (aircon). Moreover, we will choose heating and cooling systems that respect the indoor air quality.
    • Natural light, our bodies need sun light to regulate our biological cycles. Also the artificial lighting should respect the circadian rhythms. LED lights help us save energy at home, but the right color and amount of light help us regulate our own energy.
    • Design that allows good ventilation. Distribution of the house should let the air move all around. Renovating the indoor air is key for a healthy home

    • Absence of Geopathic Stress areas, mainly in the bedrooms. We will avoid sleeping on top of underground water stream or faults. You can learn more about how to avoid them here
    • Radon Gas protection in areas where it is abundant (building and materials). Radon gas is a natural and common radioactive gas. It comes from the underground materials and is very damaging for our health.
    • Electric installation designed to protect ourselves from the electromagnetic radiation, mainly in the bedroom. The placement of technological devices and installations should as well respect our health. These devices produce electromagnetic fields that affect our biological cycles. 
    • Distribution that respects the Feng Shui Energies. Even if Feng Shui energies are very subtle, a home design that considers Feng Shui will definitely help us feel better. You can learn more about Feng Shui in our modern life here.

I believe it is important to clarify that a sustainable construction isn’t necessarily a healthy construction, even though we could perfectly integrate both qualifications.

If you are planning to build or renovate your home I recommend you to take all these points into consideration since a Healthy design will make your habits and your actions easier and more intuitive. In Nimout we offer an assessment to assess your architect, builder or designer and ensure that the construction or renovation follows all the necessary requirements to respect your health. Do not hesitate to write us, we will be very happy to answer your questions and explain everything you need to know.


Healthy Habits

Abre la ventana para sentirte mejor en casa. La ventilación como habito saludable para tu casa

Everytime we talk about health we feel obligated to talk about habits. How would our oral health be without the habit of brushing our teeth before sleep? Habits allow us to remember to repeat an action even if we don’t feel the immediate need to do so.

Because habits are not meant to be thought of, we have repeated them so many times that it is an automatic action. But before automating something we need to invest some time and effort, look for a way to remember anr repeat it at the same time or right after an already established habit. This way, there will come the day when this action doesn’t require much effort from us.

And what are these habits that are so important and allow us to achieve an environment that promotes our well-being?

    • Airing often. Airing is very important to ensure that our indoor air contains all the necessary ingredients our body needs to live and to avoid all those that damage it. We should air everyday for at least 5 minutes. 
    • Using natural, toxic free cleaning products. A clean house is key, but did you know that some cleaning products can make your home dirtier instead of cleaner? Click here to know more about toxic free cleaning products.
    • Avoid air fresheners or fragrances. Similar to cleaning products fragrances and air fresheners are very often filled with toxic substances. Perfumes tend to offer us a clean sensation that it isn’t always real, cleanness doesn’t smell.
    • Turning off WiFi before sleep, ALWAYS! If you want to sleep well, disconnect yourself. Turn off WiFi and phone, or just activate flight mode. But do not let these radiations alter your sleep quality. A good night sleep is key for your health.
    • Staying away from electromagnetic radiation especially while sleeping. Do not leave electronics plugged by your bed, no charging phones and not even plugged night stand lamps. If it is plugged, it reduces sleep quality.
    • Keeping the house neat and tidy. When your surroundings are organized, your mind is organized.

You can read more about these habits in our blog post “8 Healthy Habits to feel your best at Home”.


Become aware and take action

Ser consciente de tu entorno para mejorar tu salud en casa. Meditación.

With health, there isn’t a rule that we can apply to all, we have to always take into consideration the multiple factors that affect our well-being. The most important aspect of our Health at Home is you, there is no point in a healthy space if you aren’t feeling good in it. And the only way to feel good is to become aware, to become aware of how we feel and on which elements are affecting our health, both in a positive and negative way.

To become aware requires us to stop and observe, but it is important to know what it is that we are observing and how to properly interact with it, since once we have identified the problem we’ll have to take action to solve it. In Nimout, we guide you in this process with our tutorialsclick here to learn more about them.  These tutorials are designed as a discovery, while we discover our home, we get to know what’s around, how it affects us, how to identify it and what to do.

Getting to know what is around you, the possible health hazards and how to take action, gives you the tools to turn your home into a healthy space.

So remember, a healthy construction will allow you to generate a space that helps you feel better, but the base to achieve a healthy home resides in you, in your habits, in your awareness and in the actions you decide to take.

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