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2 September, 2021
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These 5 Ideas can help you find ways to take care of yourself while learning some tips on how to feel Happier at Home.

We spent an average of 87% of our time indoors and this affects our mood. Since our surroundings have a very strong influence on our emotions we can definitely learn how to feel happier at home by taking care of our environment.

In this article we will share with you a list of 5 very easy Ideas that will definitely help you feel your best.

Comfortable Furniture

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Today we value the looks, a good aesthetic is worth an uncomfortable couch for so many people. But filling your home with comfortable furniture is key to improve happiness. A comfortable home invites us to relax and enhances two very important aspects of the home: safety and calmness.

Relaxing allows us to disconnect and recover, two key elements to decrease our levels of stress and lift our mood. 

Nice textures

textura agradable - manta y café

It is often said that one of the most important recipes for happiness is to stay present, because focusing on the past triggers depression and worrying about the future triggers anxiety. 

While this advice is very certain, for most people it might be a bit difficult to apply. But we have a trick! And it is as simple as touching. Touching is a very important sense that help us feel more connected to our environment. Touching nice textures helps us be present in the now while improving our mood. When we touch something that feels good in our hands our levels of joy and happiness increase rapidly.

Fill your home with soft fabrics, warm blankets and any texture that feels nice between your hands to feel happier at home.


añade plantas a tu casa para sentirte mejor

It isn’t a secret that nature calms us down. Bring nature in and place plants in your home.Plants improve the environment quality, clean the air, regulate the temperature and humidity and bring us closer to nature. When we get closer to nature the levels of stress get reduced, we relax, create a tranquil environment and are more positive. Plants are a great recipe to boost happiness.

But not only living plants will help, just by adding natural landscape pictures in your home your mood will definitely be lifted! According to Roger Ulrich, Ph.D Nature art can reduce stress 

Bring nature indoors either with natural plants or with images of beautiful landscapes.


Plenty of sunlight

deja entrar la luz del sol en casa para mejorar tu bienestar

Sunlight is key for our bodies and mind to stay balanced because our rhythm needs sunlight to balance. Have you ever wondered why we sleep at night and are productive during the day? The answer is hormones. In order for our body to sleep we need to produce Melatonin and for us to stay focus and with a stable mood we need serotonin. And our body, which is very wise, starts producing melatonin in the evening to ensure we have a good night sleep and will shift its production to increase serotonin in the morning. But for our body to know when it is time for which hormone, it follows the sun.

This cycle our body follows in relation to the sun is called Circadian RhythmIn order to stay balanced and ensure a good production of serotonin, which is also known as “the happiness hormone” we need to receive a good amount of sunlight during the day.

Get sure your home receives plenty of sunlight to avoid feeling disoriented and improve your levels of happiness.


busca momentos de silencio en casa para mejorar tu salud mental

According to the WHOexcessive noise seriously harms human health” Silence allows you to slow down, reflect and meditate, which helps shut down our bodies’ physical response to stress and consequently improve our mood. 

Look for a spot in you home where you can create a  peaceful and quiet space and try investing some minutes everyday to rest in silence.

These 5 Ideas can help you find ways to take care of yourself while learning some tips on how to feel Happier at Home.

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