8 Healthy Habits to feel your best at home | Home wellness

10 June, 2021
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Health at home
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Home wellness
It is very important to feel comfortable at home and to surround ourselves with that which makes us happy.

Feel your best at home with these very easy healthy habits.

In just 1 year the way we use our homes has shifted completely. For most of us our homes have become our office, our playground, our gym… we have had to be creative and learn how to integrate EVERYTHING in the same space. 

This change has also awakened some discomforts due to the way we interact with the space around us. Anxiety, insomnia, fatigue or difficulty to focus are some of the most common symptoms resulting from an unhealthy interaction with our surroundings. 

Let’s now go through a list of 8 very easy to apply Healthy Habits that will help you create a healthier environment at home.

Air often

Airing is one of the most important healthy habits at home. To ensure a cleaner and fresher indoor air you should air at least 5 minutes every day.

A natural cross ventilation is the most effective one. It consists of creating a natural breeze by opening windows on the two opposite sides of the house. If the window distribution of your home allows you to do so this would be the ideal airing technique.

Use “natural” cleaning products

While the word natural in this context can be confusing and misunderstood. The goal is to reduce as much as possible what we know as toxic substances present in plenty of cleaning products. -A toxic substance is one that is capable of altering our biologic system’s balance.- Some of the product we should avoid or reduce are bleach, ammonia or hydrochloric acid.  We need to ensure we do not pollute the indoor air unnecessarily.


Avoid air fresheners or fragrances

In line with point 2, we should avoid using fragrances and air fresheners unless they are free from VOCs and toxic substances. 

A lot of allergy-like symptoms and discomforts are due to an exposure to the fragrances, odor eliminators and other ingredients present in these products. Some of these substances are known as VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds- and are capable of causing us symptoms such as migraine and headache.

Avoid migraines at home


If you like adding an aroma to your home you can use healthier alternatives such as essential oil diffusers.


Turn off your WiFi

I’m not completely anti-WiFi, I understand how useful it is in some situations. However, while you aren’t using it, turn it off. 

In general, we tend to overexpose ourselves to the high frequencies emitted by our wireless communication devices and modems. This overexposure produces imbalances and health issues for us

So turn off your wifi AND YOUR PHONE if there is no use for it. And especially don’t forget to turn it off at night to ensure a better sleep and avoid sleep issues like insomnia.


Keep your smartphone away from your body

Our phones emit high frequencies coming from the line, data or wifi; But they also emit low frequency radiations. And low frequencies also have a big impact on our health and wellbeing. 
To avoid an overexposure to both high and low frequencies try keeping your phone away from your body as much as possible. How?

  • Don’t keep your phone on your pocket
  • Use headphones and don’t hold the phone while calling
  • Use a tripod or some sort of support while on videocalls.

Whatever trick works for you as long as you manage to keep your phone away from your body. 

Separate from your laptop

Same rule applies to your laptop. If you work, study or spend long periods of time with your laptop try creating some distance: 

  • use an external keyboard
  • Use a mouse instead of the touchpad.
  • Avoid working with the computer on your lap.


Keep your house clean and tidy

Even if you most likely are familiar with this one, it is always good to remember that the space around us has a direct psychological effect on us. If our surroundings are messy, our mind is messy.


Create an environment where you feel comfortable

It is very important to feel comfortable at home and to surround ourselves with that which makes us happy. There isn’t just one way to decorate the house and even if it might be helpful to get an expert’s advice you should always respect what you need. 

Meaning, it is great to get advice from your architect, designer or Feng Shui consultant, they know a great deal about designing a space. Plus designing a space considering the healthy aspects of it will definitely help you feel better there. However, you should always feel comfortable with their advice. 

There are always multiple ways to solve a problem, no matter what discipline you are focusing on, look for that one you feel most comfortable with. 

Your home has to be YOUR sanctuary, so no matter how you decide to decorate it, do it in a way that when you look around you feel home, whatever home means to you.

your healthy home


While these 8 actions might seem small, if you turn them into habits, you will definitely feel an improvement in your health and well-being at home. And since they are very small actions they are very easy to accomplish as well.



improve your health at home

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