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27 July, 2020
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healthy home assessment
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Working online allows us to be in touch in a constant basis, which turns the assessment into a process and when you take the time to learn, practice, understand and grow, always with the safety feeling of having an expert by your side, change happens.

I have dedicated most of my professional career to help people improve their health at home, and in most of the cases the assessment has been done online. I still encounter surprise faces when talking about home harmonization online. But since the moment I understood that for a harmonization to last in time I had to integrate my clients in the process, my way of working shifted completely.

Can we assess your health at home online?

Definitely! And surprisingly I usually get better results while working online which I attribute to the fact that if I’m not there you are forced to be part of the process and that is what makes the difference. But how does it work?

How does a healthy home assessment work?

Commonly the expert visits your home, explores and analyzes it, reporting you their suggestions to harmonize the location and avoid the health hazards present there. This method works, I have personally worked this way and my clients were very satisfied with the results. But at some point I realized that these results had an expiration date. I needed to change my approach, how could my assessment help in a deeper way? I looked for answers while training into new disciplines, I traveled the world for new learnings and answers and during that time I started attending my clients online. Surprisingly that showed me the answer.

While working online, my clients became part of the process, I needed them to send me pictures and floorplans, but also I wanted them to test by themselves what I was evaluating remotely, mainly because I wanted to get sure that I was assessing them properly.

But what started as a confirmation strategy for myself turned out to be the key for success, as soon as the client became aware of their surroundings, their relationship with it shifted.

From then on, they only needed guidance, they could tell what was damaging them and were ready to take action, not because I told them and they believed, but because they experienced it.

New consultation strategy

So I designed my new consultation strategy. The very first step is to always make sure that you will benefit from the program, I never get a service with an expert who doesn’t take the time to get to know me first. It is important to know that the program you are taking is right for you so you’ll benefit from it. Once we connect and are ready to work together I personalize your program, even if the strategy is always the same, the approach varies according to the client, we all have different needs, different abilities and different interests, I like respecting them all.

What I value the most from working online is the ease of it, the possibility of being in touch on a constant basis through mail and video call, turns this assessment into a process and when you take the time to learn, practice, understand and grow, always with the safety feeling of having an expert by your side, change happens. 

Our surroundings have a real big influence on our health, the wrong location and the presence of certain health hazards such as electromagnetic radiations can cause imbalances, discomfort and illness. When you take the time to understand how your surroundings interact with you and what can you do with it your healing process begins.




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