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7 October, 2020
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Improve your health at home with our Tracker.

We have designed this free health tracker to help you identify if the place where you live is affecting your health.

Why this tracker?

We know that our health state depends on multiple factors. We have learnt to take care of ourselves,  improving our nutrition, working out regularly… However, most of the population today still has no idea that the place where they live has a big influence on their well-being.

We enjoy taking care of our homes, we design beautiful spaces where we feel comfortable; and we generally keep it tidy and clean.  All of it is great! But we are missing something very important… Are those spaces good for our health? Are they improving our well-being? Or on the contrary, are they damaging our life quality?

The first step to answer all this questions is becoming aware on the influence your surroundings have on you. An easy  and visible way to do so is tracking your health.

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How does the tracker work?

Nimout’s surroundings interaction tracker is very easy to use. It consist of a chart in which we encounter a list of symptoms or sensations and a list of numbers from 1 to 31 corresponding to each day of the month.

The tracker is divided into two groups: Healthy Home and Healthy Workspace.

Healthy Home

In the group Healthy Home you should track your sleep. Most likely the place where you sleep is your bedroom in your home. Tracking the symptoms related to your sleep time will give you a clue on the effect your bedroom has on your well-being.

Healthy Workspace

In the group Healthy Workspace you should track the symptoms you have suffered along the day. If you don’t work, don’t worry, consider “work” whatever it is you do during the day. It is important to keep in mind WHERE do you spend most of your day-time since the results obtained will reflect that particular place. In case this place where you spend you day varies write it down in “Anything more to add?” so you don’t get confused at the time of analysing your results.

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The proper mind-set

While becoming aware of our surroundings and starting to understand how our living spaces could be affecting our well-being, it is easy to become afraid. It is normal to feel fear while discovering something new. My advice? Pay attention, ask for help and do not look at your surroundings thinking “you are damaging me” but with the excitement of understanding this new relationship that you are discovering.

From Nimout we encourage you to always keep a positive mind-set, understanding this as a new process you have just started. Enjoy the process, it can only make you feel you’re better.

Take everything your space has to offer, become aware of those things that aren’t benefiting you and embrace the process.

How can I get my Free Tracker?

You will receive your free downloadable tracker in your email as soon as you register to Nimout’s Newsletter. Click here to register and download you Tracker! 

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