Healing is a knowledge process: Detect – Know – Heal

23 May, 2020
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Detect – Know – Heal is the methodology applied by Nimout to restore the balance between you and your surroundings and start your healing process.

Healing is a Process

What does healing mean?

Healing is defined as the act of recovering our health and in most cases, we start losing health long time before being diagnosed with any illness. We don’t become sick overnight, it is a gradual transition where the word sickness isn’t used until the end of this phase.

We live in a moment where we seem to understand quite well the importance of taking care of our health, we appreciate the value that nutrition and exercise add to it.

To get here we had to learn, follow the experts’ advice and test what best suited our needs. But not only nutrition and physical exercise have a direct effect on our health, the amount of sleeping hours, stress are most likely facts that you have heard about, since their influence on our well-being is very significant.

Did you know that your surroundings and location also have a really significant impact on our health and well-being? One way our surroundings can influence our health is by affecting our capacity to get a quality sleep and raising your stress levels.

Actually, the terms geopathic stress are commonly used to define those areas that alter our personal balance, and therefore can in the long term cause illness as well. And not only the location, but all those elements present in our homes have an influence on our life quality: electronic and technological devices, lighting, furniture, construction materials, paint…

This doesn’t mean that we have to live in fear of our surroundings nor avoid enjoying the luxuries we have in our modern lives, but we have to learn, the same way we learned how to keep a balanced nutrition, how to properly interact with our surroundings in a way that our health is protected.

Healing is a complex process that starts by recognising the underlying cause.

Not only do the sick ones need Healing, when our bodies lose balance they send us signs to let us know about it, we shouldn’t wait for severe symptoms to appear. At the slightless sign of unbalance or lack of well-being we should detect where it comes from in order to maintain our health.

Healing is a complex process in which different facts are involved and one of them is recognition, we should be able to detect the unbalance. Getting to know what causes us to lose our health is essential to enjoy a quality life.

When we are sick we go to the doctor and after a check-up, we will get a cure in forms of prescription. This method is indispensable, we are very lucky to live in a moment when science is so advanced and can efficiently heal so many illnesses.

But every time there are more and more cases of people who never feel completely well, blaming science or modern medicine for it would be a really huge mistake, but then, what is wrong?

Basically, there are 2 reasons for this: the first one, we tend to wait until our symptoms are severe to address them; and second, we usually lock for answers outside when most of the times the answers should come from us. Illness appears when we are out of balance, so the first step is to understand what caused that imbalance.

And how do we do it? By paying attention, connecting with ourselves, with our surroundings and learning how to establish symbiosis between ourselves and our living space.

How can Nimout help you?

In Nimout we help you improve your health and well-being by improving the relationship with your environment. To do so we analyse your living space, evaluate your needs and elements that are interfering with your optimal health, and propose to you a harmonization plan adapted to your interests and capabilities.

We also believe that empowering you is the key for real success, no one can heal for you, so giving you the tools for you to learn from this process is our secret ingredient. Small changes can bring very big results in our well-being when consciously done.

We offer online courses and a variety of workshops, in addition to consultancy to treat aspects related to well-being and healthy architectural spaces through online conferences.

Also if you are planning to build or renovate your home or office we can help you plan a healthy design that promotes harmony taking care of all the facts that have an influence on our health, from electromagnetic radiations to toxic substances or the effects caused by more subtle energies present in our surroundings.

 In case you aren’t planning to build or renovate but suffer from stress, insomnia or just feel something at home is not right for you, I can help you with the process, detect where the discomfort comes from, know why and how you have encountered it and finally harmonize and heal.

The first introductory call to evaluate your needs is free, book your appointment.

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