Feng Shui and our modern lives

13 February, 2020
Feng Shui

A modern Feng Shui approach to healthy living at home.

If you were to search Feng Shui in Google, most of the results obtained are articles offering advises to improve the harmony in our homes using Feng Shui. Applying most of their tips will most likely turn your living place into a more pleasant and harmonious space, but, is this really Feng Shui?

The truth is, Feng Shui in our modern lives has extended so much that the amount of variations, adaptations and interpretations keep growing, especially in the West, where Eastern knowledge isn’t always accurately interpreted.

To understand Feng Shui today, we have to take a look back, to when it all started. This way we can understand where are we coming from and where should we stand now.


The origin of Feng Shui

The knowledge of Feng Shui started to satisfy the basic needs of the people of the time, dating from 6.000 years ago. It intended to offer a tool to find the shelter which could not only protect themselves from the adversities but also provide a good location to easily find food and water. Lifestyle evolved over time, and knowledge did as well, when this physical knowledge was well integrated, abstract knowledge came in.

They started being aware of direction, time and the influence of the stars, and this practice evolved into a complete discipline considering all aspects in life, both physical and abstract.


Classical Feng Shui

The physical knowledge itself is what we call the Form School; the abstract knowledge, the Compass School.

Classical Feng Shui is the complete discipline that contains both and keeps all the essential knowledge of this discipline. It is common nowadays to believe that such an ancient discipline won’t work in our modern lives. This believe, in general, comes from a misunderstanding of the discipline. The concepts studied in Feng Shui are used in a symbolic way, and even if the form of this concept has changed over time, the essence of it remains untouched. The art of Feng Shui, resides in understanding and applying the symbolism correctly.

Symbolism is present even in the Chinese term Feng Shui, literally meaning Wind and Water. This hasn’t always been its name though, it was in 250 AD, when the scholar Kwok Po wrote the criteria for an auspicious location in one sentence:

The energy of the dragon will be dispersed by wind, and will stop at the boundary of water.

It is then, that the discipline was called Wind and Water, since these two are the key factors to consider in order to design the auspicious location.


The purpose of this discipline

The purpose of Feng Shui is to create a harmonious location by listening to the surroundings. Do not confuse though, Feng Shui with the concept of creating harmony in a location, Feng Shui is a discipline in it itself with its own methods. We can apply it in an Urbanistic scale to design a city –Hong Kong is a great example of it-; in a smaller scale to the construction of a building; and in an even smaller scale to design or decorate the single unit in a building.

Complete Feng Shui considers all form, time and direction; and it is capable of understanding and applying the classic symbolism in our modern lives. Being an Eastern classical technique follows a unique methodology that perfectly applies in the Western modern lifestyle.


From Nimout, we respect all points of view

We will never stop repeating that there isn’t such a thing as good or bad, what feels good on you, might be good for you. However, we also believe in the importance of knowledge, we strongly believe that in order to empower yourself and to be able to decide what suits you best, knowledge is imperative. Knowledge provides us with information, tools and a solid base from where to start from, when it comes to Feng Shui, our solid base is undoubtedly Classical Feng Shui.


With our Feng Shui Consultancy program you will discover the available energies in your location at the moment. Offering you solutions to attract harmony not only on your space but also on yourself. Teaching you how to get the best results by properly using each one of these energies and giving you a complete guideline to cure and harmonize those energies that aren’t favorable.

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