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28 September, 2021
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Every change of season brings big changes with it and it can be a difficult time.Bring some cozy fall decor to your home to help you remember the beauty of this season you are entering.

The way we decorate our home has a huge impact on our wellbeing and mental health. From color to composition, every element we add into our home has an effect on us (both positive or negative). Fall Home Decor, or any seasonal decor, is only part of our indoor decoration for a short period of time. And this fact is one of the main aspects to consider. 

In this article we will disclose both the positive and negative sides of Fall Decor. Is decorating your home with Autumn elements good for your well-being? Let’s discover it!

Well-being PROS of Seasonal Decor


1. Seasonal Decor can bring some optimism and happiness to the new season change.

Cozy colors and fall decor for wellbeing

Every change of season brings big changes with it and it can be a difficult time. With the arrival of fall for example, most people’s summer holidays come to an end, which tends to bring feelings of sadness for what has ended and anxiety for that to come. 

Bring some cozy fall decor to your home to help you remember the beauty of this season you are entering. Surround yourself with warm colors, blanckets and candles to turn the weather changes into a beautiful and cozy feeling. 


2. Brings Variety and excitement to the house

Autumn bedroom feeling. Fall decor for wellbeing

When was the last time you made changes in your home’s decor? For most people distribution and decoration stay the same for years. Fall Home Decor can offer you the opportunity to rething your decoration and do those very necessary changes.

Look at your home again and have fun decorating! Organize a family day, go outdoors, pick natural elements and do some arts and crafts. Enjoy from a fun day bringing fall into your home.


3. Connects you to the natural cycles

Autumn vive to connect with the natural cycles

We tend to be very disconnected from nature and sometimes if it weren’t for the calendar we wouldn’t even notice that we are changing seasons.

During fall leaves fall, colors change and nature shows us a different face. Being attuned to these changes brings us balance, it reminds us to let go, to shift the summer extroversion and outwards look for a more intimate feeling.

It is time to slow down, and what better way to do so than bringing the joy indoors, spark the house with autumn colors and get cozy.

Well-being CONS of Seasonal Decor


1. Can feel stressful, don’t put pressure on it

Autumn vibe - Fall decor to relax. Mental health

We live in a hurry and often don’t have time for those activities that are not in our calendars. If you choose to decorate your home with fall elements, do not put any pressure. Dedicate this time to create beautiful things and feel joy with it.

Fall decor isn’t an obligation, do not feel it as such. If you live it with stress, then it isn’t worth it.


2.Can bring deception when trying to achieve a particular look

Cozy fall decor - Autumn decoration for Mental Health and wellbeing

We are so lucky nowadays, we can count on multiple platforms to find inspirational pictures, step by step videos and amazing tips. While this can be extremely helpful, it sometimes can bring deception if we don’t achieve the goal we had in mind. 

Don’t aim for perfection, neither for a magazine-like picture. Aim for a cozy environment, something YOU like, that fits your home and your style. Do not look at it through a camera, feel it with your eyes and senses.


3. Some family members might get overwhelmed with change

Excessive fall decor can feel overwhelming - Keep autumn decorations minimal

We are all beautifully different, and while some can feel very excited with changes  others might feel overwhelmed instead. Unless you live alone, consider the needs of all those living with you, especially children. If they seem to be uncomfortable with changes, try decorating in a way that doesn’t disrupt their routines, be subtle with the decor. 

Change a blanket for one which colors remind you of the new season, change a flower bouquet for one more attuned with fall. Make only small changes, just the necessary ones to help you feel more connected with the nature.

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