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26 June, 2020
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The air we breathe, electromagnetic radiation we are exposed to and lighting are non-physical facts that we usually clean and tidy, but they have a really big influence on our health and well-being.

Our home is the place where we feel safe and healthy, the shelter guarding us from weather events, animals or other humans. It’s a space that we adapt to develop our daily activities in a free and comfortable way. Our house is our home, our space.


Healthy home, healthy you

We want to feel good in this space, we want to adapt it to our needs and taste, and in general we try to keep it clean, tidy and decorated according to our personality. In fact, the look of your house is said to be a projection of your personality and to have a direct influence over your behavior, thinking and acting. So taking care of our house appearance is important in order to maintain our mental and emotional health. But while cleaning and tidying we only take care of the physical objects, what happens with what we can’t see?

The air we breathe, electromagnetic radiation we are exposed to and lighting are non-physical facts that we usually clean and tidy, but they have a really big influence on our health and well-being. We have slowly adapted to a life away from the natural cycles, we have lost touch with nature and developed an independent lifestyle in which we are capable of progress in whatever activity we choose to in any time and any place.  We have created new cycles independent from the solar cycle, designed an incredible telecommunication system and developed new materials. There is nothing we can not do, we keep discovering new needs and encountering ingenious solutions.

However, even if we have been able to adapt our lives to this new normal, we still haven’t learned how to properly live with it. We are developing fast and no stop, and over the years we are starting to feel the effects of this bad interaction with our surroundings. Everytime there are more and more people suffering from symptoms that don’t get better over time, from environmental related diseases to stress, insomnia, fatigue…

Our health is being affected increasingly by the lack of knowledge related to how to properly interact with our surroundings and our lifestyles. We need a new discipline that allows us to know the impact that our living space has on us and that is Building Biology.


Discover Builiding Biology

Building Biology allows us to know and detect the health hazards at home and gives us tools to minimize its effects. It studies the air quality, considering values such as temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide or humidity; the toxic substances present in materials, paint, cleaning products or fungus and bacteria. It also studies lighting, radioactivity, electrostatics and electromagnetic radiation, both artificial and natural.

Electromagnetic radiation

Artificial electromagnetic radiation comes from appliances, technology or telecommunication; and natural artificial radiation such as that one we encounter on stress geopathic areas, which is usually studied by Geobiology. What damages us though isn’t the punctual exposure to these facts, but the overexposure to them, so we need to learn how to identify them and reduce its presence in our homes so we can keep our health and well-being.

A healthy house is a space with reduced health hazards that promotes the well-being of its inhabitants. It isn’t a separate entity, we should always remember that the space where we live in is always interacting with us, we need this space clean and energy balanced. When we are in harmony with our surroundings we find harmony within ourselves: healthy home, healthy us.

Discover what I can do for you, get to know you surroundings and start to heal here.

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